Custom Design

One of our passions is doing custom work for our custom-ers! Regardless of what you may need, we can either create it for you or find someone in our long list of contacts that can. From simple stitching or certain wood carvings up to a new plush design or woodcraft wall decor, we are interested in helping to find a solution for your custom needs!

Fees for custom work is always on a case-by-case basis. We are a small "mom & pop" company from Oregon, but just like any other company, we offer a service or a product for a fee. But since we are just regular people, we are not trying to get rich off of other people. Consequently, our costs to the customer is, most often, far cheaper than average.​ Our products are still good quality despite being on the more inexpensive side. Our customers often comment on them as such. We, literally, try our best to sell our product with a $20/hour rate. If it takes an hour to make it, we sell it for $20 plus the supplies cost. Two hours to make it, $40 (plus costs). And so on. It doesn't always work that way, but we try. Most often, we err on the side of cheap. For instance, some of our wholesale items bring our hourly down to as low as $5.​Web design (which we offer on our sister site) has a US National average of around $30 per hour. Some freelance designers (such as us) charge as much as $75 per hour. Of course, the wage increases with experience. But despite our experience (over 15 years), we still only charge $20/hour.​ Our connection to you and paying a bill now and then are our biggest concerns. Thank you for being one of our biggest concerns!

You can read more of our customer reviews by clicking here. They range from some of our wholesale customers to those who have purchased directly, and online. It is really important that our customers are happy. We do not want to buy something and realize we have been cheated. Whether on purpose or not. So we try to always go beyond and ensure you are happy with the end product.

Custom work is not the fastest around here. We prefer to have it done right and make certain you are happy with it. So know in advance that if you order something custom from us we will ensure you are pleased with the work, but not always the timing. You can see some samples of custom
Fabric Art here and Woodcraft here. And, by all means, feel free to ask questions here!