A Word About Free Shipping

There is a theory that it's cheaper to charge a simple, flat rate for shipping. There's also one that if you don't charge for shipping, it's cheaper. Or that shipping "included" is less costly. Not only are none of these "urban legends" true, but they can be deceptive to our customers. To you! So why do we do it?

Well, the main reason we "include" shipping in our prices is so that you, as our most valuable customer, will know immediately what your cost is. When you see the price $23.99 on a product, that is your up front and your final price. Depending on what your state will charge you for taxes.

Typically it means we are adding about $10 to $12 to the price of your item to cover what it is going to cost for your shipping. Every company that ships a product on the planet charges shipping. The mark up is often different due to shipping methods and the amount they ship to begin with, but whether it's pennies or dollars, there is some form of a mark up.

Of course, like much of our economy around the United States and other countries, shipping costs are often determined by how much it costs fuel-wise to get a product from point A to point B. And in case you haven't noticed, fuel is very expensive right now and seems to increase daily.

Much of you may already know and understand this. But we love our customers and wanted to convey our great difficulty in charging so much to cover this necessary part of your purchase.

So when you see that item you want and it looks a little over the top on costs, know that we try to give better rates as the product order increases so that we can ship more than one item together. But don't be afraid to ask for a discount. We may not be able to accommodate you. But then again, we just might!

Real Shipping Costs

man in blue long sleeve shirt standing in front of red and blue intermodal containers
man in blue long sleeve shirt standing in front of red and blue intermodal containers